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People heated over parking increase at Fairgrounds


By: Rachel Collier -

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB Fox 41) -- Visiting the Exposition Center is now going to cost you more money. Many people are frustrated with the parking rate increase. Some people may say it is only a small increase, but it is $2 more than what some people are willing to pay for parking.

"How's it going today?" Danny Perry is friendly with each person rolling through the toll booth at the Fairgrounds. He says he loves working with the public, but this weekend, some people are not so friendly with him.

"They don't have anybody else to complain to about their utilities and everything else going up, so we get the honors," said Perry. Some people are taking out their frustrations over the price increase on toll attendants, saying things like "You know you ought to be ashamed to take this money from us and the state can't seem to get enough, overall they're not happy. I mean most of them just make a quick comment and go on," said Perry.

The parking rate went from $6 to $8. "I just tell most of them I'm giving you $2 better service the best I can," said Perry.

A lot of people coming to the Fairgrounds were not aware of the rate hike that took effect this week. "I just seen the sign when we pulled in I seen that it was $8 so I had to pull out a few more dollars," said one man. "I'm 30 cents short so I've got to go cash a check," said Barbara Hankins, who was frustrated with the time she had to waste.

Others have found their way around the parking toll. One family parked for free off site. "Around the corner, at the bowling alley. Because $8 for parking just seems a little outrageous and just couldn't see paying it," said Ron Cales, as he walked back to his free parking spot.

But Danny Perry feels you get what you pay for. "It's a comparable price it's one of the cheaper prices for any complex this size in the United States." "Still won't pay $8 to park, I'd rather walk a little, it's good exercise anyway," said Cales.

The State Fair Board said in a meeting back in May that the closing of Kentucky Kingdom was causing them to lose $1.5 million on empty parking spots. But Fair Board Spokesperson Vicki Glass says that is not the reason for the increase, and neither is the loss of the Cardinals playing at Freedom Hall. Glass says every two years the board re-evaluates the parking rate, comparing it to other cities. The board felt it was time for the price to go up.

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