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Guest Editorial - Chris Thieneman (3/13/09)

Guest Editorial - Chris Thieneman (3/13/09)

Are you aware that mayor Jerry Abramson does not provide a full accounting of his administration's financial dealings?  He says you are.  And he even claims you voted him the right to keep the whole truth about metro finances to himself.

You see, every mayor in Kentucky and even our governor presents a full accounting to the public every year.  It's the law.

But Jerry Abramson claims when we voted for merger we gave him an executive privilege to keep financial records from anyone who might question his judgment.  Even other elected officials.  He says it's the will of the people even though the privilege idea didn't surface until two years after the merger vote.

What we have here is the kind of financial secrecy that breeds financial mismanagement and disasters like the Housing Department scandal we just went through and the botched library tax fiasco.

I shudder to think what might be hiding at the Water Company, or MSD, or anywhere else in his departments' books.

Jerry Abramson needs to drop his privilege claims that he can hide records of financial dealings, and start telling us the whole truth about how he spends our money.

I'm Chris Thieneman, and that's my...Point of View.

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