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School - Not Just an Inconvenience (3/17/09)

School - Not Just an Inconvenience (3/17/09)

Because of missed days due to September's windstorm and January's ice storm, the Jefferson County school year will now end on June 3 instead of May 21. And to hear some people whining about that, you'd think they'd been dropped into a porcupine pit.

But anyone who's all bent out of shape because the school district isn't simply "forgiving" the missed days just to stay on schedule has it all wrong.

Kentucky already suffers by comparison with most other states when it comes to public education. As it is, we need to be doing more when it comes to schooling our kids. Not less. Given that, simply dumping two full weeks of instruction just so no one's vacation plans are disrupted would be irresponsible.

Of course this lengthened school year will inconvenience some people. But life's full of inconvenience.

The ice storm that closed the schools also damaged a lot of people's homes. But I'll bet they did whatever was necessary to get them repaired. Why aren't people equally willing to repair the damage done to their children's school year?

Do we really place such a small value on the benefits our children gain from spending time in the classroom?

Parents should not only embrace the idea of making up those lost days - they should encourage their kids to make the most of them.

After all -- Destin will still be there in late June.

What do you think? Call and let us know.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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