Jim Bunning vs. Blow-Up Doll in 2010

Last week about 30 Kentucky broadcasters went to Washington to talk with our Senators and Congressmen - Democrats and Republicans -- about broadcasting issues before Congress and the FCC that will have an effect on our viewers and listeners.

John Yarmuth was the only Congressman who couldn't meet with us, and for good reason.  He was in a committee meeting. 

Our group met with Brett Guthrie, Mitch McConnell, Ed Whitfield, Ben Chandler, Geoff Davis, Hal Rogers and Jim Bunning.  Everyone in that group not named "Jim Bunning" was gracious, well informed, courteous, and interested in the issues.

But Senator Bunning was a different animal.  He was rude, cantankerous, condescending, disagreeable and insulting.  Yes, a guy who claims he's going to run again in 2010 demonstrated incredibly poor judgment by actually insulting every radio person in the room by saying, "Radio?  I don't believe in radio." 

Someone once said, "Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt."  Jim Bunning apparently never heard that advice because almost every time he opens his mouth now he's saying something foolish or offensive.

My guess is a blow-up doll could beat him in 2010. But let's hope he bows out before we have to find out.

I'm Bill Lamb...and that's my Point of View.

But what's yours? Should he run again?