At the crime scene on Ronwood Drive, Metro Police Chief Robert White told Fox 41 News, Domestic runs can be very dangerous." 

That's why more than one officer usually responds to such calls.  But when the call came in about eight a.m. that a domestic disturbance was underway, an officer arrived alone, although more officers were on the way. 

Chief White says when that first officer pulled up, "A female was standing outside, had apparently been assaulted.  Moments later a subject, white male, came out of the house, totally nude, charging toward the officer.  The officer at this time verbally told...the individual to back up, which he didn't.  She attempted to tase him, which apparently didn't work.  At some point, a confrontation got between the two of them over her gun.  He was struck at least once.  She was struck twice in the leg and thigh area."

A neighbor standing nearby was also shot, along with the man's girlfriend.  The officer's gun was emptied, and you can see where the shell casings landed.  Investigators are still trying to sort out how many shots were fired and which person did the shooting.

Officers who arrived later tasered the nude man, but it took several attempts before they could subdue him. 

LMPD offiers were busy Wednesday searching for evidence to explain what happened.

Another neighbor heard the gunshots while eating breakfast inside his house down the street.  Gabe Wymer tells Fox 41's Julie Tam, "We're trying to get them out of the neighborhood. We don't want it. We want it out of here as soon as possible."

Wymer says he's seen suspicious activity at the suspect's house and that the neighborhood is going downhill:  "I just see them come and go at all hours.  Like that house, there's a lot of strange cars that come and go."

And resident Doris Robards says, "There's just been a lot of things happening around here that's...I guess it's all different people now, you know."