Millions of people each week are making their voices heard as they vote for who they think should be the next American Idol.  And the judges have their top picks, too!

Often unpredictable, always entertaining, Idol is at times a show where the judges can's seem to hide their enthusiasm for one Idol frontrunner.  Paula says, "Don't talk about my Adam...He's glam rock, he's the modern day Bowie, at least he's true to who he is, there's nobody that's been like that in this competition."

And Randy Jackson says: "I think he's definitely one of the front runners.  I don't think he has it completely in the bag, but he's been consistently great every week, so he's doing his thing."

Each week, more than 30 million votes are cast, making opinions matter, but when Simon gave Adam Lambert a "standing O," there was little doubt who he was favoring. "I think words are unnecessary, but I want to give you a standing ovation," he said that night.

Simon goes on to say, "Yeah, it's his to lose now.  He was separated from the pack.  That is exactly my point.  He was in a completely different league to everybody else."

With routine shockers, no one is ever safe, but as of now, it seems like Adam, Danny Gokey, and Allison Iraheta are the judge's pets.  But in the end, it's how well the students learn for their teachers, and Randy isn't convinced that class is over:   "Well yeah, everybody should learn from it, and also how he picks the song.  I mean a lot of these people are still plagued by song choices.  That's why I said the other night, it's funny, are you even listening to what we're saying, we're telling you what kinds of songs are better for you, and you're not even doing it."