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Darts and Laurels (4/16/09)

Darts and Laurels (4/16/09)

Time for a few more Darts and Laurels.

First, a Laurel goes to the three Navy Seals who ended a high-stakes piracy crisis with the incredible hostage rescue of Captain Richard Phillips Sunday evening. As Phillips was being held with a gun to his head, the three were able to kill his captors with simultaneous pinpoint sniper shots - even though they were perched on the stern of a ship on rolling waters about 25 yards away in near darkness. Pretty impressive.

But a Dart goes to those who are wringing their hands over the possibility that such an action might make other pirates angry and more aggressive in seeking "revenge."

"Revenge?" For what? For enforcing the law? Are we now supposed to let every criminal get away with everything because we're afraid it might make them angry if they're punished?

I think it's more important to make it clear there will be consequences for anyone who messes with the United States, and I think these elite members of our military did just that. 

And finally, a Laurel goes to our friends over at WHAS who will televise Thunder Over Louisville this weekend. Having done it ourselves the past two years, we know exactly how much hard work goes into that production, and we have to tip our hats to anyone - even a competitor - who's willing to put in so much effort to bring such a great show to the whole community.

Best of luck to them!

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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