Police in Floyd County, Indiana are returning more than $50,000 in stolen property to its rightful owners.  This is happening after what police say was a one-man crime spree -- by someone who should have been in jail.

Police say Kevin McCutcheon cruised Southern Estates Subdivision in the middle of the night in an SUV without taillights.  And an alert neighbor's tip led to his arrest Thursday night.

In turn, police found what they say is more than $50,000 in stolen property, most of it in McCutcheon's home in Sellersburg.

They found golf clubs, DVD players, laptop computers -- some of the many items taken from carf parked in driveways.  Police say McCutcheon did not have to break a single pane of glass to get to the items.

The cars were all unlocked in driveways and he could open the door, take an item, and punch the trunk button from inside to take more.

Floyd County Police have another mystery to solve besides where the property should go.  They say McCutcheon had been released from not one, but two southern Indiana jails recently.  That's despite Floyd County having a hold on him for another car break-in case.  That means he should not have gone free.

Officials are checking to see just where that error happened.  And they expect to take more reports from people at Southern Estates as they realize their cars were broken into.