The alleged extortion started in late February when Rick Pitino received phone calls from an anonymous caller.

Those calls prompted a meeting with Pitino and the list at the center of this criminal complaint against Karen Sypher.

Karen Sypher says she only made the list of requests totaling several thousand dollars because Rick Pitino demanded it.

Sypher says Rick Pitino played the phone calls for her and asked what she knew about them.

"He said, Karen, what do you want? What can I do to make your life better," said Sypher.

When Sypher talked exclusively to Fox 41, she claimed Pitino made several offers of cash and other items in exchange for her silence about their encounter and an end to the phone calls.

"He says, 'What do you want me to do Karen? I'll give you a $100,000, and I'll go to the Suns. I've already been offered'," said Sypher.

Sypher says the meeting didn't result in a list of payments, just suggestions she says came from Pitino.  Not long after that meeting, Sypher was with her mother at a doctor's appointment when she says Tim Sypher called.

Karen's mother Judy Cunagin says she heard the phone call.

"We were at the doctor's office, and she held the phone out, so I could hear. He said, make out this list, Rick wants you to make out this list of what you want. I'm like, "What you want?" He said yes. He said write everything down," said Cunagin.

Sypher says the list she wrote on a U of L "To Do" sheet was basically a recap of several things Pitino had offered.

"So, we just sat there and thought of things, you know.  What she would like. That's the only things that we can think of.  But, they're the ones that told us to do it. They are the ones Rick Pitino and Tim Sypher, they told her to make that list out and, have it at UofL by four o'clock," said Cunagin.

Sypher says her son delivered the list to Tim Sypher who later gave it to Pitino.

The list ends with this promise:  "If all is accepted, I will protect Rick Pitino's name for life."

Sypher says Pitino, through her estranged husband, demanded that be included in the letter.

"Rick was behind it, because he [Tim] said Rick wants a list, and I heard that," said Cunagin.

The criminal complaint also alleges that Sypher's former attorney tried in late March to pressure Pitino's attorney for a $10 million payment.

Her former attorney allegedly threatened to include Sypher's allegations against Pitino in her divorce filing.

The remainder of Fox 41's interview with Karen Sypher will only be aired if the allegations become part of the public record. That means they would have to be included in court proceedings or papers filed with the court.