American Idol is down to the top five.  It may look easy, but refining a performance until it is just right onstage in front of millions of fans -- not to mention the judges -- can be grueling.

Kris Allen says, "I'm a big critic of myself and so, for sure, I feel like I've gotten better.  But I'm always, like, I could have done that better or I could have done this better."

Danny Gokey explains, "Picking a song has been the hardest part of this competition.  We're so busy doing other things that you can't fully put all your creativity into one song."

16-year-old Allison Iraheta is feeling the pressure of being the only girl left -- but says she's ready:  "I'm prepared for anything that's thrown at me, and throughout this competition. I've learned to get thicker skin and be stronger in any way possible. "

And Matt Giraud, who was saved by the judges, has a new philosophy.  "I've realized to myself that things that can come easy can go easy, you know what I mean?  So I just take it with stride and appreciate everything as it's happening. I don't ever want to tell myself that I'm more important than I am."

As for fan favorite Adam Lambert, he never thought he'd make it this far. "I couldn't have hoped it had gone this well. I didn't expect it to. I thought that I was too different, too alternative to get a popular vote situation."