There's a new development in the ongoing extortion plot surrounding U of L men's basketball coach Rick Pitino.  On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Dave Whalin changed the release conditions for Karen Sypher.

Sypher is the estranged wife of Pitino's equipment manager, who was charged Friday with trying to extort $10 million from Pitino and making false statements to federal agents.

Judge Whalin took out language that specifically barred Sypher from speaking badly about coach Pitino.

Sypher's attorney Thomas Clay told Fox 41 News the judge felt his initial ruling might have infringed on Sypher's right to free speech.

However, Clay says his client will stick to her agreement to not speak about Pitino.

In an exclusive interview with Fox 41 News, Karen Sypher made several allegations about Pitino.  Fox 41 News has decided not to broadcast or print the claims because they cannot be confirmed.

Sypher is due back back in court on May 13.