Roller coaster enthusiasts from around the world declared The Legend the
#11 Wooden Coaster on the Planet in 2007

Themed around the classic Halloween story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The Legend roller coaster is located in the hilly, wooded terrain of Holiday World's Halloween section. "We're giving our Guests the ride of their lives," says the park's president, Will Koch, "as The Legend races through the woods as if chased in terror by the relentless Headless Horseman. We're warning the riders: Don't look back!"

Open since 2000, The Legend features a series of dramatic drops, including
three major drops of 113 feet and 64 feet
, plus the
world's first spiral drop of 77 feet
, a double helix, and multiple crossovers with existing rides in Holiday World & Splashin' Safari. The wooden coaster also thunders through four tunnels, including an underground tunnel.

"Through the Internet, we asked roller coaster enthusiasts from around the world for their input concerning the coaster's design, theme and name," says Koch. "We received close to 200 emails, and we used a number of their suggestions to fine-tune the design. Plus The Legend of Sleepy Hollow was by far the most popular suggestion for name and theming."