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Don't Diss the Derby (4/30/09)

Don't Diss the Derby (4/30/09)

I hear complaints from people who are sick of the media focusing on the negative aspects of the economy.  I have to agree with them.  Even though we at Fox 41 try to find positive stories to balance the negative, we're guilty sometimes too.

I saw a story in yesterday's USA Today that was a good example of just what people are talking about.  The headline was "Derby's economic downturn.  Profits will take a hit; tickets, rooms available." 

While this economy poses some unwanted challenges for Louisville area businesses this Derby, why couldn't the writer take a different angle?  Such as, "Louisville and the Kentucky Derby are shining examples of doing well even in this tough economy."  How about mentioning that about $200 million dollars will be pumped into Louisville's economy by the Derby and related activities this and every year? 

Would it kill them to point out that the scope of the Derby itself - which attracts upward of 150,000 people each year - puts it in a very rare class with events like the Super Bowl?  Except unlike the Super Bowl, it doesn't move around each year. It's always right here in Louisville.

I'll tell you what, USA Today - there isn't a city in the world that wouldn't kill for that deal.

 I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View. 

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