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"I Love You, Man" 2 ½ Hawaiian Shirts

I Love You, Man

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery unless said imitation isn't that great.  I Love You, Man is an average imitation of a Judd Apatow film, while using some of his known associates and his trademark raunchy humor. This is not to say that the film is all bad. 

The film centers on Peter Klaven (Paul Rudd) as a real estate agent who gets engaged to his lovely girlfriend Zooey (Rashia Jones).  The only issue is that Peter has no real guy friends that could stand with him on his wedding day.  It is explained that Peter relates to women better and would let his guy friends fall by the wayside whenever he would get into a serious relationship.  Now cue the new friend Sydney Fife played by Jason Segel.  Sydney and Peter hit it off quickly and despite Peter's awkward nature make fast friends.

Paul Rudd and Jason Segel put in fine performances, but in the hands of others would not be as amusing. Frankly, I really wanted the whole movie to be just the two of them as the rest of the movie is inconvenient plot between some good jokes.

For the most part there are a few funny moments that don't directly involve our stars, but two of the co-stars. Jamie Presley, as Jones' friend Denise, and Jon Faverau as her husband Barry do a number onscreen as one of those couples that are miserable together except in the bedroom.  It is this explosive chemistry that produces some funny adlib exchanges.

One note of enjoyment for all you Rush fans out there, not only is said band referenced throughout the movie, but they do appear in the film during a concert.

The main problem I had with the overall film is that it tries way too hard. They really push the naughty talk and go overboard on the catchphrases. Really overboard! So much to the point that it seems they are beating us over the head and forcing you to repeat any particular phrase back at the office on Monday.

Overall, I Love You, Man is the guy that really wants to be your friend so badly that he will demean himself to no end just to gain your favor.  And he's not all bad, but only for the brief and occasional visit.

2 ½ shirts.

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