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Guest Editorial - Billy Parson - (5/13/09)

Guest Editorial (5/13/09)

Something just isn't right. We're in a deep recession and Washington lawmakers are supporting a bill that would raise the cost of construction projects and put jobs at risk.

The mis-named Employee Free Choice Act would eliminate private balloting in elections to organize a union.  It creates a "card check" system, allowing labor bosses to see an employee's vote, opening that vote up to undue influence. It even allows federal arbitrators to negotiate any contract terms.

This act will likely create a larger union presence, which means higher construction costs for businesses wanting to expand or governments undertaking public works projects.  These higher costs mean fewer projects and fewer workers on the job.  That's not a prescription for helping stimulate the economy.

The right path forward is ensuring a competitive marketplace where construction projects are awarded to the best proposal at the best cost, regardless of union affiliation.  It's how 89 percent of the state's construction workforce make their living. Card check puts those jobs at risk.

Congressman Yarmuth has said card check would be a "return to the American way of doing things."  We disagree. We think America still stands for fair rules, hard work and free-market competition.

I'm Billy Parson with the Associated Builders & Contractors of Kentuckiana, and that's our...Point of View.

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