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"ANGELS AND DEMONS" 2 ½ Hawaiian shirts


How do you combine the death of a pope and the election of a new one with an anti-matter bomb?  The answer is Angels and Demons.  This is the sequel to the 2007 joyous romp The Da Vinci Code even though A&D technically takes place before the events of Da Vinci Code.

The plot revolves around the death of a "Pope John Paul II" though they do not name him in the film.  A new Pope is being elected and four Cardinals who are the frontrunners for the position are kidnapped by what appears to be an ancient secret society bent on the destruction of the Catholic Church.  Listen, I never read this book, and I only got halfway through Da Vinci before being bored out of my mind.

The best analogy I can give for this film is buttered toast.  Buttered toast is not a bad thing at all; as a matter of fact, it can be fun and quite enjoyable.  Perhaps you could throw in a little excitement with some jam as well.  The point is that toast is not filling for an extended period and is ultimately forgettable, like A&D.  This film was not terrible by any means, but is just a mindless amusement ride. 

This was also the easiest mystery movie I have ever seen.  I was expecting at any moment there would be "helpful arrows" that pointed to clues, but somehow the screenwriters managed to work it into the dialogue so there was no need for the markers.  There was also no need to figure out the mystery because everything is spelled out very clearly.  I would imagine that persons with recent head injuries would enjoy this film immensely! The script followed every whodunit cliché in the book, with the exception being the butler didn't do it.

Tom Hanks was building himself a nice little late career with films like Cast Away and The Road To Perdition, but now I feel that he is more interested in money as opposed to quality films that may mean something in later years and perhaps even be studied by film students.  But that's all right; even the late great Peter Sellers made two useless Pink Panther films.

2 ½ shirts.

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