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THE LOST & FOUND REVIEW: Morgan Stewart's Coming Home

Morgan Stewart's Coming Home stars Jon Cryer as the title character and co-stars Lynn Redgrave and Viveka Davis. The plot goes something like this: Morgan is a prep school mischief maker with a fascination for horror movies. Morgan has been away from home for seven years and is finally called home by his well-to-do, political parents.

The reason being, his father is a Washington state Senator who is up for re-election and is slipping in the polls. So the campaign advisor cooks up a "Vote for the Family" scheme and expects Morgan to play ball, but all Morgan wants is his family to go back to normal. Well, the usual 80's style hi-jinks occur and everything gets all warm and fuzzy; he even gets a girl (Davis).

Morgan Stewart's Coming Home was a movie I found via VHS, like so many I've seen, when I was young and shunning sunlight. I fell in love instantly with the movie namely because I could identify with Morgan. I appreciated a good gag or two and I loved horror movies as well, so I became pals with this film since.

Well MSCH finally got released to DVD thanks to Lionsgate Productions. The DVD is pretty bare bones. There is a useless trivia track, but the upside is there is a trailer. Unfortunately, there are no commentaries or making of docs, which is unfortunate because this little movie has a storied past.

I never got into the behind the scenes aspect of movie-making until much later, so I never got a chance to research this old favorite until now. The original director, Terry Winsor, was fired for reasons untold and so the film was handed over to director Paul Aaron, who eventually had his name taken off the credits. Since the film was before 1999, Aaron asked for his name to be taken off the film and slap the old "Alan Smithee" credit on instead. Since this was Jon Cryer's big starring role, following up Pretty in Pink, and this was marketed as a Ferris Bueller rip-off, expectations were high. Apparently things didn't go so well. The film grossed a hair over $2 million and the release was delayed for almost two years, eventually MSCH was released in February of ‘87.

Despite all this bad mojo, the movie is a lot of fun and completely innocent. I think Cryer is funny and charming in the role as well as his young co-star and love-interest Viveka Davis. Lynn Redgrave and Nicholas Pryor put in zany performances as Morgan's parents. Paul Gleason of The Breakfast Club is great as the outwardly shifty campaign manager. Definitely a good trip down memory lane!

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