Guest Editorial - Doug Farley - (5/22/09)

Current media editorials abound with pleas for the legislators to do whatever it takes to allow slot machines at horse tracks.  They claim the money generated would be used for larger purses which would insure continued success of our "signature industry" in the Commonwealth.

The Kentucky Constitution prohibits gambling, but it is already allowed in wagering at horse tracks.  Gambling is also allowed for Lottery drawings and scratch-off games, and in licensed charitable organizations conducting bingo, pull-tab sales, casino games, poker tournaments and raffles.  The money from charitable gaming activities remains in the communities through direct donations to local charities, support of youth activities, education and training scholarships, veterans' needs, and other legitimate uses.

The Joint Executive Council of Veterans Organizations of Kentucky requests that the General Assembly create legislation that would allow Veterans Organizations to provide their members the entertainment of video game machines, and have the same opportunity as the horse industry to create needed revenue.  Profits generated from video game machines operated by veterans organizations would remain in their local communities and benefiting citizens throughout the State. 

I'm Doug Farley, and that's my...Point of View.