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Darts and Laurels (5/28/09)

Darts and Laurels (5/28/09)

Time for a few more Darts and Laurels.

The first Laurel goes to Jefferson County Attorney Mike O'Connell for issuing an opinion that effectively reopens the case of the renegade Javanon Soccer Club building.

Since the city employee responsible for allowing the structure to be built without the proper clearances in the first place was also the club's founder and president, there's always been a fishy smell about this affair. And now, maybe the entire matter can be aired out, once and for all.

Next, a Dart goes to the U.S. Government for sticking its fingers into the current auto industry crisis a bit too deeply. Some oversight is OK, but the recent dropping of over a thousand dealerships by GM and Chrysler is a direct result of the White House's Auto Task Force micromanaging the whole process.

On their own, I'd guess the automakers would have allowed many of these dealerships to survive. But they didn't have that option. And the negative ripple effect will be felt by tens of thousands who are about to lose their jobs for no good reason.

And finally, a Laurel goes to Major League Baseball, for announcing that this year, the first pitch for all World Series games will be scheduled before 8 PM. It's a sensible move that'll make the sport's premiere showcase more available to kids and other people who are fast asleep long before the stroke of midnight.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.   

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