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Many Problems, Few Solutions (6/2/09)

Many Problems, Few Solutions (6/2/09)

To deal with a revenue shortfall, Mayor Abramson last week announced several cost-cutting measures in the city budget - including cutbacks in services and the elimination of 528 city jobs.

Meanwhile, Governor Beshear is dealing with a shortfall of his own that could be as large as a billion dollars. But many legislators still oppose a special session to consider new revenue-producing ideas. And without one, you can count on many state services and jobs to also be slashed.

People are complaining bitterly over the lost city jobs and services. And they'll scream even louder when the state adds a lot more layoffs and cutbacks to the final tally.

I understand the frustration. But the only two ways of dealing with our current economic woes are: Bring in more or spend less. And far too many Kentuckians still labor under the fantasy that it really is possible to enjoy a lobster and steak diet on a macaroni and cheese income.

So let me ask - how would you solve the budget problems facing the city and state? Are you open to new taxes? Expanded gambling? Are there other ways of generating revenue we haven't tried?

And if you oppose any new taxes but don't have any alternative ideas for raising money, then what jobs or services should be cut?

These are tough questions. Call us with your answers.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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