Saying "No" To Progress Once More (6/23/09)

Considering its "do-nothing" nature, I wonder why Kentucky even goes to the trouble and expense of having a legislature.

The latest example is the expanded gambling bill that was supposed to be considered during the special session, but was derailed by the refusal of Senate President David Williams to even allow it to be voted upon by the full Senate.

Of course, Williams isn't the only culprit here. While Kentucky's Republican leaders continued to engage in their favorite pastime -- saying "no" -- their bumbling Democratic counterparts once again made it easy for them by weighing down the governor's original simple proposal with too much needless additional baggage.

Are there any leaders left in Frankfort? When was the last time any of these state representatives or state senators actually put the interests of Kentucky and its people ahead of their own petty political agendas?

Instead of the progressive heavyweights we need so badly, we're stuck with a bunch of lethargic deadweights. And this will never change until we stop returning them to office over and over.

Isn't it time to clean house in both parties and finally give some new people a chance to lead us into the 21st century? Or are you really happy with what we currently have?

Please -- call and let us know.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.