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This Just In: Jackson Still Dead (6/30/09)

This Just In: Jackson Still Dead (6/30/09)

I think it's fairly clear to pretty much everyone by now that Michael Jackson died last Thursday. And that's unfortunate.

But it's also unfortunate that -- in devoting so many hours to over-the-top, nonstop coverage of the pop star's death -- the mainstream media has virtually ignored everything else of note that's happened since.

Yes, Jackson's death was headline news. All the cameras and Jesse Jackson's rush to get in front of them is all the proof we need.

But in case you were wondering, Iran's election is still being bitterly contested. U.S. combat forces are scheduled to leave iraq's cities this week.   Congress just passed an important energy bill. The health care debate continues. And South Carolina's governor still has a lot of explaining to do.

But as far as any of the major broadcast or cable news networks were concerned over the past several days, that stuff hardly counted at all.

Jackson's death was big, but it's still just celebrity news.

Broadcast journalists have a responsibility to cover all the important stories. Not just the easy ones.   And the networks' willingness to squeeze the Jackson story for all it's worth to the exclusion of all else makes me wonder if anyone takes that responsibility seriously anymore.

But what do you think? call and let us know.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...point of view.

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