Guest Editorial - Louisville - Better Off Alone? (6/29/09)

Last week's LEO features an article entitled "LOUISVILLE SECEDES," which tells of the city's decision to finally separate from the rest of Kentucky and become the 51st state.

Of course, this was LEO's special "fake" issue, and the whole thing was just a joke. But I couldn't help but wonder how different things might be if such a thing were actually possible.

Not that I'd encourage it. While I do think much of Kentucky tends to treat its largest city much like a spoiled child exploits an overgenerous parent, I also value much of what our more rural areas have to offer.

We should happily and productively co-exist. But the fact is, too many of our fellow Kentuckians regard the metro area with disdain while happily appropriating disproportionate amounts of the tax money we generate.

If we did have the option of splitting off from the rest of the Commonwealth, do you think we'd see anywhere near the amount of open contempt that's currently directed our way from the more distant counties? Or might the fear of losing its bottomless money machine cause the rest of the state to finally give us the respect we're due?

It's kind of ironic. If Louisville really did have the option of ditching the rest of Kentucky, I doubt we'd want to. But as long as we don't have that option, the odds are good the anti-urban forces out in the state will go on making some people wish we did.

I'm Ray Foushee, and that's my...Point of View.