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A Tale of Two States (7/7/09)

A Tale of Two States (7/7/09)

A telephone poll conducted last week found that Ohioans - after being longtime gambling opponents - now support legalized gambling in Ohio by a margin of 60 to 36 percent. 

Sixty-five percent support placing video slot machines at Ohio's seven horse tracks.  And Governor Strickland wants to put 15,000 slots at racetracks to help close a $3.2 billion-dollar budget deficit.  But the president of the Ohio State Senate is blocking him.

Could that sound any more like Kentucky?

The biggest difference is that Ohio, not really known for its horse racing, is likely to pass their racetrack slots legislation, while it doesn't appear Kentucky will even get out of the starting gate. 

Not only that, but in November Ohioans will get to vote on bringing casinos to Ohio. And where do you think they'll put one?  In Cincinnati, of course -- conveniently positioned to siphon more dollars out of Kentucky.

The only thing that can possibly explain such a quick and significant turnaround in an entire state's opinion is that the smell of death emanating from Kentucky's wounded thoroughbred industry next door is now too strong to ignore. And the vultures are ready to pounce.

That's bad enough. But the fact that our wounds have been self-inflicted is intolerable.

But what do you think? Call and let us know.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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