-- by Julie Tam, FOX 41 News

A former Southern Indiana chiropractor already facing criminal charges is now wanted for raping a relative.

The first four sexual abuse charges came from four women -- two of them teenagers -- who were Dr. Robert Matthew Nolan's patients at his former Clarksville clinic, Nolan Chiropractic.

Wednesday, in neighboring Floyd County, the prosecutor filed four more charges, after a teenage relative came forward with some very serious accusations: a 17-year-old girl in his own family bringing charges of child molestation, child seduction, and rape.

Nolan says on his clinic's website that he volunteered at New Albany High School -- attending sports events and working directly with students. The 38-year-old also volunteered directing traffic at Northside Christian Church and says on his homepage: "With God, all things are possible."

Neighbors say they're trying to comfort Nolan's distraught wife and four daughters, some of whom are stepdaughters.

"I can't even comprehend that. I can't even go there. That's why it's such an odd thing to think that somebody could be that way and so seemingly normal and seemingly helpful and friendly and just like anybody you would see out there," Ginger Schocke, who lives next door to the Nolans, said. "But there's that double life going on or something."

A retail tenant next to Nolan Chiropractic says Nolan closed his clinic right after he faced the first set of charges against him in May. Authorities say he's moved back to Portsmouth, Ohio and left the victim behind in Floyd County, Indiana.

Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson says Nolan sexually abused his relative in his New Albany home and elsewhere: "I think you can fairly characterize this as a pattern of activity from August of 2005 to the beginning of 2009."

Authorities have advised their counterparts in other cities to investigate sexual crimes Nolan possibly committed before 2005.

"It really makes you more skeptical and more hesitant to just go right in in trusting people," Ginger's daughter, Amanda, said.

Officers will try to find Nolan in Ohio, arrest him, and bring him back to Indiana to face the new charges in court. Nolan is scheduled to go on trial in September for his previous four charges.