Nearly five full days after a fatal accident involving a Clark County Indiana ambulance, the county EMS and their lawyers aren't commenting.

Saturday afternoon, 75-year-old Opal Alene Couch of Jeffersonville, Indiana was killed after her Lincoln town car was hit by an ambulance near the Greentree Mall in Clarksville, Indiana.

Police and witnesses say the ambulance driver was speeding at about 60 miles an hour responding on an emergency run. It is still unclear if the driver, 20-year-old Travis Herthel had his emergency lights and siren activated.

The Couch family believes he was traveling too fast and they question his training.

Fox 41 News examined the Indiana code as it relates to emergency vehicles. We found, a person driving an emergency vehicle may proceed past a red or stopped signal, but only after slowing down for safe operation. A driver may exceed the maximum speed limit, if the person who drives, does not endanger a life.

Opal Alene Couch will be buried in her hometown of Macon, Georgia.