Darts and Laurels (7/9/09)

It's time again to hand out some Darts and Laurels.

First a laurel to Robert French, the interim Director of Housing for Louisville.  He was asked to fix a badly mismanaged organization, and by all accounts he did.  He got the City of Louisville and HUD talking again and that was so important.  Mr. French is now retiring.  We thank him for his good work and wish him well.

Another Laurel goes to the Fund for the Arts for managing to raise 8.8 million dollars in its just-completed campaign. That total - which was only down by a little over $300,000 compared to last year - represented one of the best efforts in the Fund's history. And it was especially impressive considering it was achieved in one of the most challenging economic environments imaginable. Once again, Louisville's outstanding dedication to the arts is a national model of excellence.

And finally, a laurel to Kentucky First Lady Jane Beshear who is the driving force behind the incentives designed to bring movie making to the Commonwealth.  The way I see it, the more movies that are made here, and the more people who see our beautiful state in theaters, the better.  This is an initiative that will incentivize Hollywood to spend money here, but will also have a positive effect on tourism. 

With so many good things to talk about, there's no room for any Darts this time around. But I promise we'll find something to gripe about next time.

I'm Bill Lamb...and that's my Point of View.