If you ever wanted to be a volunteer at the Louisville Zoo, Saturday was your day.

The Zoo is looking for docents, or volunteers who learn the ropes of the zoo and work with zoo's education department and provide information to guests.

An orientation was held to explain what is required.  There are currently 165 docents who help teach and speak about the zoo and the animals.

"As a docent, it's a volunteer teacher here at the zoo.  They help us teach classes, whether that's formal classes or school groups, or where that's when we go to the actual school.  They do outreach programs, nursing homes, hospitals, to local fairs.  We do on-grounds presentations and interpretations around the zoo.  Docents do a lot of different things for us," said Doug McCoy, Assistant Curator of Edu., Louisville Zoo.

All docents receive 50 hours of training, lectures, behind-the-scenes tours, as well as hands on activities. They also receive a t-shirt and badge.