Kentucky First Lady Jane Beshear is promoting the Governor's Garden.  The garden consists of three small fruit and vegetable plots at the Berry Hill Mansion.

Beshear hopes the idea will spread across Kentucky.

"This garden, is only a small portion of what the garden will be across the state next year," said Beshear.

The crops being grown in the garden will go to the Governor's Mansion and ACCESS soup kitchen.  The organization provides produce to Frankfort residents who have limited access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

"Growing a garden, whether it's in your own home or if it's a community garden, is just one small step, but a very major step in making a difference in the world for tomorrow," said Beshear.

The project is modeled after first lady Michelle Obama's White House garden, which she planted in March, citing the need for fresh produce for her family, staff and visitors.

Beshear harvested the first zucchini and squash Wednesday.