It's getting on toward evening at Utopia Animal Care. Which means the doggie slumber party is about to begin. Paul Feemster is dropping off his two retrievers, Missy and Humphrey.

"Utopia" is the word for an ideal community or society. And for dogs, this is it. The most dogs that have ever been here at one time?

According to owner Deb Weakly, the most at one time is about 45.

"I know all my kids' names. Once they've been here, I never forget their names," she adds.

Doggie slumber parties are a concept business owner Deb Weakly endorses strongly.

Weakly says, "It's just so much more personal than having them in a cage when you go out of town. They're in a home environment. It's cage-free. We don't put anybody in a kennel And they have more fun. And we have more fun!"

Weakly always keeps a television on for her campers -- they don't get pay-per-view without an extra charge. The rates range from $18 to $32 per day or night, depending on dog size.

Weakly also trains and breeds dogs of all kinds.

"I breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniels," Weakly says.  "And we imported them from Ireland -- we have six adults. They're my babies."

"They get along really well -- I do interviews before I let them come.  They enjoy being able to interact, socialize, just like us," she says. "But they really enjoy just playing with each other. It's more of what they need. They're pack animals and they need their packs."

And if you'd like to find out more about the dog slumber parties - you can give Utopia Animal Services a call at 502-845-2111.