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The Police Were Victims Too (7/21/09)

The Police Were Victims Too (7/21/09)

When Louisville Metro Police were called to a Shively home to deal with a disturbance last week, they encountered Harold Casey Jr. brandishing a gun. After repeatedly ignoring commands to put it down, Mr. Casey continued to wave the gun and ultimately charged the officers. And, not surprisingly, he lost his life when the officers responded by shooting him.

As usual, some second-guessers with too much time on their hands are accusing the police of overreaction and brutality. The complainers argue that Mr. Casey's gun wasn't loaded; that all 12 officers didn't need to fire; and that they could have just winged him in the arm or leg instead of shooting to kill.

But their gripes just don't hold water.

How were the police supposed to know the gun was unloaded?

When did they have the opportunity to meet and decide which of the 12 would shoot?

And those insisting it would have been easy to just disarm Mr. Casey with a well-aimed shot to the arm have apparently watched too many old westerns, because it's not as easy as they think. And you don't want to miss in a situation like that.

By all indications, this was a classic case of a disturbed man committing "Suicide by Cop." It was a tragedy, and his family has every right to mourn.

But we need to remember that the police were victims of it, too.

Call and let us know what you think.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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