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Newspapers - Still an Asset (7/23/09)

Newspapers - Still an Asset (7/23/09)

Last week's announcement of 44 more layoffs at the Courier-Journal wasn't just bad news for the affected employees, but for us all.

Why? Because a strong daily paper matters to a community. Historically, newspapers have filled the role of civic watchdog, specializing in uncovering government corruption and providing in-depth analysis of complex issues. And each time one dies, we're all considerably less informed - and less protected - as a society.

But it's clear the long-term future of the Courier - and daily newspapers in general - is becoming less and less certain.

I know many people couldn't care less. But those of us who DO care should encourage our children to, as well. We should make sure the newspaper is always present in our homes - and demand that our kids achieve the literacy skills to appreciate it.

Maybe that still won't be enough to avert the inevitable. But even just postponing it for a little while would be a good thing.

Considering my gripes with the C-J over the years, it may sound funny to hear me coming to its defense. And to tell the truth, our TV station - and all the others - would probably benefit greatly from additional advertising dollars if the Courier did go away.

But even though we'd be richer, the community would be poorer. And as a member of this community, I'd rather not see that happen.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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