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To Bridge, or Not to Bridge? (7/28/09)

To Bridge, or Not to Bridge? (7/28/09)

What is this city's problem with bridge building?

For years, we've been hearing big plans for two new Ohio River bridges - one in the East End and the other downtown. Funding was a done deal. Then it wasn't. Now it is again - sort of.

I think. Check back tomorrow.

The River Fields people continue to fight an East End bridge. Meanwhile, the 8664 folks claim an East End bridge is all that's really necessary. Everyone agrees whatever is built will cost a bunch and some sort of tolls might be necessary. But they're also sure the tolls should only be on the bridges they don't use.

Now, a bi-state authority to weed through all these issues is about to be created. But if it succeeds in overcoming the time-tested power of Jefferson County's legendary "talk it to death" attitude, I'll be amazed. 

Heck, we can't even repair a bridge so people can get across Harrods Creek!

Right now, two new bridges are projected to cost over four BILLION dollars. If we need them that badly, the last thing we should be doing is delaying. And if we really just can't afford that - or believe the money would be better spent elsewhere - we should say so and move on.

But we surely need to quit sitting on our hands while telling everyone we're making progress. That story's starting to wear pretty thin.

What are your thoughts? Call and let us know.

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