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Guest Editorial (08-10-09)

Guest Editorial (08-10-09)

Mayor Abramson, you stated that the city was getting older, blacker and poorer.

I have a response to your comment:

Get back the millions of dollars Crit Luallen, the State Auditor, said was missing from funds earmarked for housing and families.

Get back the million dollars that you gave to the Cordish Company.

Get back the 20 extra paid vacation days you gave Rick Johnstone and Jane Driskell.

Get the $200,000 back in extra pay you gave to Chief White; my understanding is that bonuses are based on production.

Terminate the corrupt police officers and replace them with persons of integrity.

Terminate the corrupt officials in your office and replace them with persons of integrity.

Finally, if you are not impeached soon, terminate yourself.

Now, Mayor Abramson, I have given you a remedy for your concern regarding the city getting older and poorer. But as you can see I do not have a remedy for the city getting - quote - "blacker."

Perhaps this concern regarding "blackness" lies within the leadership of systemic, institutionalized racism, classism, and corruption. And the only way to correct this problem is to employ people that have morals, integrity and abide by their oath of office.

I'm Connie Marshall and that's my...Point of View.

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