No Cash for a Clunker Health Care System (8/11/09)

The "Cash for Clunkers" program has been praised for helping stimulate new car sales. But a major local auto dealer recently told me the application process he had to go through was so cumbersome it took more than eight hours to register a single deal. And he so far has approval for only two out of 110 deals.

Also, the plan's necessary financing was badly underestimated. The billion dollars allotted for the program was only enough to cover 250,000 qualifying purchases. And that was achieved in a single week -- leaving the feds scrambling to approve additional money which would still run out too soon, leaving many dealers undoubtedly holding the bag.

Less haste could have avoided most of these problems. But instead, the government rushed to make sure it happened NOW instead of happening RIGHT.

And this same government wants to run our health care system? Really?

If this is a model for how a government-sponsored health plan would be developed, no thanks.

Health care is simply too important for us to shoot first and ask questions later. And I'd much rather have a workable plan than one that simply happens by some arbitrary deadline.

It's bad enough that Cash for Clunkers was crippled by a rush to do too little, too soon. But showing the same carelessness in crafting a health care plan would be a tragedy.

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I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.