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Report: Pitino admits sexual encounter with Sypher

Rick Pitino admits to police that he had sex with the woman accused of trying to extort money from him.  But Pitino's lawyer is disputing some of the information in that police report, including whether he gave her money to have an abortion.

Pitino's attorney on Wednesday said his client believed he was giving Karen Sypher money for medical insurance, not an abortion.  The police report indicates Pitino knew Sypher planned to have an abortion and asked her how much money she needed for insurance.

This dates back to August 2003.  That's when Karen Sypher says she was raped and Rick Pitino says they had consensual sex at a local restaurant.

Karen Sypher says she met Rick Pitino at the bar at Porcini that night.  Pitino told police he'd been drinking.  Sypher says the two talked about her sons and their interest in sports. She says it got late and the restaurant started to clear out.  "He actually, everyone had left at that time," Sypher said, "and Tim Cory came up to Rick and I and said, 'Here are the keys.' I remember him handing Rick the keys and saying, 'Please lock up. I'll see you tomorrow.'"

Sypher says not long after that, Pitino raped her in a nearby booth. Pitino told police Sypher came on to him and the two had consensual sex. Afterward, Sypher drove him home.  Sypher tells Fox 41 News that she asked him, "Can't you have someone else take you home?"  She quotes Pitino as saying, "No one knows about this, and you need to take me home."

She says Pitino gave her his card and told her to call if she ever needed anything.  She did call about two weeks later to tell him she was pregnant.  Pitino told police Sypher told him she was going to have an abortion.  Pitino's attorney says Pitino gave her three thousand dollars for medical insurance.  Sypher says U of L equipment manager Tim Sypher took her to Cincinnati to have the abortion.  "He said Rick told him to schedule everything," Sypher says.  "Set it up, and I want it out of town."

About eight months after this, Karen Sypher married Tim Sypher and the two of them had a daughter.  Karen Sypher's encounter became an issue again for Pitino when he received three anonymous voice messages on his cell phone.  "Why would you do somethin' like that?" one call asked.  "But, naw, I'm not out to get money. I don't want no part of that, but I want you to do the right thing by that woman. You need to do the right thing, that's all."

Sypher says that day, February 26th of this year, Pitino called her to a meeting in his office at the Yum! Center.  Sypher says, "He knew some details that Rick thought nobody else could know those details. 'Nobody else could know those details, Karen. Who exactly is this?'"

Sypher says Pitino asked her to come back for a second meeting after practice that evening. This time, she brought her son Jacob Wise with her.  "He goes,' First of all, Jake, I'd like to apologize for the unfortunate event that occurred' and he said, 'I want you to know that I'm sorry, I am. But, I want you to know I was drinking a lot that night. I've had a lot of drinks.'"

Jacob says the meeting concluded with Pitino making several offers to make Sypher's life better:  "He goes, 'I would like to get your mother a new car. I would like to find her a house. By the end of -- by the end of the tournament, we will have your mother a new car.'"

About a month later, Pitino reported the alleged extortion to the FBI.

Sypher was charged with extortion and lying to the FBI. A trial date has not been set.

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