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Details of phone message Sypher claims is from Pitino

The scandal over Rick Pitino and the woman charged with trying to extort money from him is blowing up.  To shed light on what led up to the FBI investigation, the FBI affidavit referred to an "encounter" Pitino had with Karen Sypher in 2003.

We now know from a police investigation that Pitino and Sypher had sex at Porcini restaurant on Frankfort Avenue.  She says it was rape, Pitino says it was consensual.

She called a couple weeks later to tell Pitino she was pregnant.

This is a phone message Sypher gave Fox 41 News which she said was left when all this started six years ago:

Hey Karen, it's Rick. I'm with my son out in California. We're doing (inaudible). He's in the shower right now. Um, like I said before, you know, this is not something that, uh, you know, I can decide on. I think that the best thing in all scenarios is to go through with it, but that it has to be your call because it's the, it's uh, (inaudible). As far as, you know, I'm a married man with five children. You're (inaudible) with four children. You know, I'm a high profile person. The best thing, the fact, that I can't make that decision that's got to be on by the way you put it, put it behind you and then move on. And then that's gonna be (inaudible). You know, but, um... I think, I really can't give you any advice, except I have thought about it. And I, ummm, this is a very unfortunate situation. And uh, I think in unfortunate situations like this, the scenario is (inaudible) right now. Um, but I'll get up in the morning early and I'll give you a call. You just let me know what you're gonna do (inaudible).

Pitino's attorney Steve Pence showed police Pitino's calender which indicated he was in Pebble Beach in late August 2003.

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