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No Rush to Judgment on Pitino (8/13/09)

No Rush to Judgment on Pitino (8/13/09)

Boy, do we have a situation here!  If you are James Ramsey or Tom Jurich, what do you do with a coach who clearly engaged in conduct that damages the university's reputation?  You have a contract with a morals clause that allows you to fire him if he does exactly what he did.  Do you?

This is very complicated.

Many people are insisting Rick Pitino should resign or be terminated, citing that clause.

But not so fast.  That clause doesn't mandate his firing.  It allows Jurich or Ramsey to terminate him if they decide his continued presence would be bad for the university.  And the future has yet to be determined.

His offenses occurred six years ago.  While that doesn't excuse them, we have to ask, "How much good has he achieved since then?  How many boys has he helped turn into men?  How much success has he brought the university and the city on the basketball floor?  And how many people have benefited from his charity work?

My point is we have evidence of a lot of good that helps to outweigh the bad of his past behavior.

Any rush to judgment that would end Pitino's career at U of L at this point would be stupid.  I am going to join Tom Jurich and James Ramsey and support the retention of Rick Pitino, and I'll wait to see what the future brings.  Anyone want to join me?

I'm Bill Lamb...and that's my Point of View.

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