In our thrill-a-minute, digitized, high-definition world - it's nice to take a moment to hear music the old-fashioned way.

In Bernson's Corner, we found a place where the music is - at the same time - both simple and complicated.

It's Dr. Ted's Museum of Musical Marvels!  The greatest show in Dale Indiana!  An eclectic ensemble of mechanical musical instruments dating back to the 19th century. 

There is a Dr. Ted, physician Ted Waflart, who's collected and restored these vintage machines for decades.  He couldn't be here on this day, so we got the tour from Dr. Ted's mother-in-law, the Mistress of Melodic Memories, Mrs. Millie Schum.

Long before there was a cable T-V channel called Nickelodeon -- there were actual nickelodeons,

Schum says, "Now this one has drum, cymbal, xylophone and triangle behind this, and a piano roll down here."

"I'm 82.  We had the phonograph at home.  My grandmother had the player piano," Schum explains.

Here's a carnival organ made in France in 1907.

Schum says, "Years ago, when they would tear 'em down to sell a carousel, they'd tear it apart and sell 'em one piece at a time  so many of these have been destroyed that this is one of the most sought-after of all collector's organs."

The kick Millie gets?  Showing tourists these treasures of toe-tapping tunage.

"We've had 'em from all over the world," she says. "We've had Russian, we've had people from Skree Lankra..  For the teenagers, they come in with long faces -- 'I don't want to be here, I'm on my way to Holiday World' -- but by the time we're through with the tour, they'll say, 'Millie, this is really cool!'  And you can't get much better than cool."

Dr. Ted's Musical Marvels is off Interstate 64 at exit 57 and is open to tours by appointment.