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Bicycles - All the Rights and All the Responsibilities (8/25/09)

Bicycles - All the Rights and All the Responsibilities (8/25/09)

In the struggle to survive their daily encounters with two-ton automobiles, bicyclists complain their safety is jeopardized by drivers who don't respect their equal right to be on the road.

But the problem is, many cyclists who angrily demand that motorists follow all the rules refuse to do the same themselves.

I routinely encounter cyclists riding north on streets that are one way south. Or blowing through stop signs or red lights so they won't lose momentum. Or riding illegally on sidewalks before suddenly darting into traffic when the mood suits them.

Of course, not all cyclists are guilty. But the hostility these bad apples incite with their irresponsible actions spills over to everyone on two wheels. And it bolsters the argument of some that there's no safe way for bikes and cars to share the road.

I'd love to see the police ticketing bicyclists as consistently as they do motorists. If that became the rule, I'm guessing a lot of these problems would disappear quickly. And it seems to me the majority of responsible bicyclists would be smart to actively press for this.

Since they follow the rules, they'd have nothing to fear. And once the violators started cleaning up their acts, bikers in general would surely start getting a lot more of the respect they deserve from everyone else on the road.

What's your position? Call and let us know.

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