Darts and Laurels (8/31/09)

This time around I'm serving up one Dart and one Laurel.

The Dart goes to everyone in Metro Government associated with the recent fact-finding trip to Baltimore intended to answer questions about the $950,000 given to the Cordish Company for renovations at Fourth Street Live.

Unfortunately, all the questions are still unanswered, since the five city representatives who traveled to Maryland received virtually no details from Cordish. And they're prohibited from even talking about the few they were provided because of a ridiculously restrictive confidentiality agreement they were required to sign in advance.

I'm not saying the grant was improper. But it does seem the dog is allowing the tail to do a lot of the wagging in this case. For Cordish to establish such restrictive rules for their very generous creditors is wrong, and it simply shouldn't be tolerated in the future.

Which brings us to my Laurel, which goes to recently-announced Mayoral candidate Jim King. Of all the people who have thrown their hats into the ring so far, I think King is clearly one of the smartest and most accomplished, and his track record on the Metro Council clearly demonstrates he's a guy who understands money and knows how to get things done. His input on various projects has saved the city tens of millions, and his ability to consistently bridge the gap between Republicans and Democrats is a talent our next Mayor will definitely need.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.