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Baron Hill - The Other Side (9/15/09)

Baron Hill - The Other Side (9/15/09)

Last week, we aired a You Tube video of Indiana Congressman Baron Hill telling attendees at a town hall meeting he'd make all the rules because it was his meeting and his congressional office.

I said I considered his attitude to be imperious, rude and insulting to the people who put him in that office.

I still feel that way. But I also know every story has more than one side. Congressman Hill's office contacted me shortly after the original piece aired and wanted to elaborate on his policy of not allowing his town meetings to be videotaped. I thought he should have that chance, so here's his statement:

A young woman, clearly upset with this policy, which I've had in place for three years because it's very distracting to other participants, stated she was a journalism student and didn't like the policy. I did offer her the opportunity to have a one on one interview with me later, but she refused.


But that's not the story or lasting image I hope folks take away from this August Break. It's certainly not what I will remember.


I hope they heard their neighbor's story about how hard they work, but still cannot afford health insurance. I hope they heard the stories of those who cannot get insurance because they had a pre-existing condition. And I hope what concerns they had about health care reform legislation were addressed.


And I hope we can continue to work together and do what's best for all Hoosiers.

With that, I'll let Congressman Hill have the last word.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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