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Non-Stop Nonsense (9/24/09)

Non-Stop Nonsense (9/24/09)

This doesn't fall into the category of grand revelations, but it's been a long time since the various 24-hour cable news networks came anywhere close to being what they say they are.

Remember the excitement at the prospect of channels that would bring us news, news and nothing but news all day long? We'd no longer have to wait until pre-determined times to get fresh updates on all the national and international stories. And they wouldn't have to be squeezed into a 30-minute hole.

We'd be exposed to a tremendous amount of new information. We'd all become smarter and better.

But the truth is, no matter which of the all-news networks you watch, there's precious little actual news to be found. Check for yourself, and see how hard it is to find an actual newscast.

Instead, each of these channels spends untold hours parading an endless stream of talking heads before us -- not there to enlighten but merely to reaffirm the basic prejudices of their respective target audiences.

We don't get more stories in more depth. We get minimal facts, obscenely padded with endless blather.

I'm sure many of you love one or more of these channels. And that's fine. But no matter which you choose, please don't kid yourself into thinking you're watching non-stop news.

It's non-stop something. But it's not news.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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