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Did She Cry Wolf? (10/8/09)

Did She Cry Wolf? (10/8/09)

It was a disturbing story:

A young woman reports encountering another woman being assaulted in broad daylight by two "black men" on the U of L campus. She says she attempted to help, was attacked herself and then the two men ran away. According to her, many other students were close enough to see everything.

But what's even more disturbing is this:

No "other woman" has come forward as the original victim.

Not a single student has confirmed her story.

Video surveillance cameras in the area showed nothing out of the ordinary at the time of the alleged attack.

And the same woman who reported this incident has reported three other crimes - two of them attacks - to city police in the past three years, with no one ever being arrested.

Without knowing more, I'm not going to accuse this woman of lying. But if it turns out this is nothing more than an urban legend, it's certainly not a harmless one. U of L already has its hands full fighting the false stereotype of an unsafe campus. And certainly, black men everywhere must be getting tired of being the scapegoats du jour for every made-up crime report.

The police have a responsibility to investigate further to determine if this woman did, indeed, make the whole thing up. And if she did, she should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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