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We'll Be The Deciders - Not the Nobel Committee (10/20/09)

We'll Be The Deciders - Not the Nobel Committee (10/20/09)

Normally, an American president winning the Nobel Peace Prize would be cause for celebration. But forgive me for being underwhelmed by the news that President Barack Obama is the award's latest recipient.

It's not that I think he's done anything to merit disqualification from such an honor. But considering he'd only been in office for two weeks when nominations were accepted, he's no more earned that prize than I deserve this year's American League Cy Young Award. 

The truth is, the only things Mister Obama could possibly have done to distinguish himself with those who confer such honors is (a) make a speech in Europe about how nice world peace would be; and (b) not be George W. Bush.

And I suspect the latter had a lot more to do with it than the former.

To his credit, President Obama made it clear he agrees he really hasn't done anything yet to deserve such an honor. And it would have been disrespectful for him to turn it down like George C. Scott telling the Oscar people to take a hike.

But make no mistake - this was nothing more than a political statement made on the world stage by people eager to use the goodwill of their brand name to give their blessing to what they believe was America's "correct" choice in the last election.

Whether that choice really WAS correct or not has yet to be determined. But when that decision is finally rendered, Americans will be The Deciders - not the Nobel Prize Committee.

What do you think? Call and let us know.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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