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Louisville: Grow or Die (10-15-09)

Louisville: Grow or Die (10-15-09)

I was recently asked what I thought Louisville's number one priority should be. And I answered with a single word:


While Louisville is a great place to live, for too many people that pleasant livability is a drug that keeps them from ever wanting to change anything.

For decades, Louisville's old-line movers and shakers were very big fish in a comfortably small pond, and did everything in their power to keep things that way. And unfortunately, a lot of that attitude still remains.

But now, a new generation of Louisville leaders understands the only way the whole community benefits is by making an aggressive effort to get bigger AND better.

For example, who says we can't support an NBA team? Are you kidding? This is Kentucky, the basketball center of the universe. But first, we have to change our long-time "can't-do" attitude. Do that and our increased national profile would immediately make us much more attractive to Fortune 500 companies looking to relocate or expand in the near future. And things could snowball from there.

This is just one example. But the bigger point is this:

We can't afford to stand still. Cities either grow or ultimately shrivel up and become irrelevant. And I'd hate to see the comfort level of a privileged few take precedence over the continuing health of a city with so much potential.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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