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Eliminating the Smokescreen at Norton (10/20/09)

Eliminating the Smokescreen at Norton (10/13/09)

Earlier this week, we learned of a new employment policy at Norton Healthcare doing away with smoke breaks for employees and forbidding workers to smoke even in their cars while on company property. The policy even forbids showing up for work smelling like smoke.

As might be expected, many of Norton's employees who smoke are complaining about these new rules. But I think they're long overdue.

These are completely legitimate restrictions to place upon those who come into personal contact with dozens of patients every day who don't have the option of going somewhere else. It's physically impossible for people who have just gone outside for a quick smoke to avoid bringing the aroma back in with them. And that's just not acceptable in what absolutely has to be a sterile, healthy environment.

To those who complain that this is yet another example of someone dictating to everyone else what they can or can't do, let's remember something here:

This isn't Norton telling everyone how to do anything. It's Norton telling people what they have to do if they want to receive a paycheck from them. Anyone who isn't asking for anything from Norton doesn't owe them a thing.

Norton's bound to get plenty of flak from the smokers about this, but I think it's a progressive move in the right direction.

Do you agree or disagree? Call and let us know.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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