If you call someone a "real straight arrow" it could be a compliment or an insult.

In Bernson's Corner, we met some young "straight arrows" who spend their spare time being right on target.

The Meade County High School gym is full of championship banners honoring football, basketball and track teams, but only one Green Wave team has ever won a world title: the archery squad.

The 24 young archers, boys and girls, shot against 11 other teams and came back from Orlando, Florida this month with the high school division trophy.

Volunteer coach Tim Parcell says he was awfully proud of his athletes.

"We practice a couple of days a week, but they have to do it at home, like any sport. You have to put in the dedication and time away from when I'm standing there telling 'em," says Parcell.

Team member Taylor Knott says, "Just practice, don't lose focus, don't care what other people think - don't get distracted."

Parcell says, "We win as a team.  Plus you can win as individuals.  We've got four or five kids that won as individuals down there, but I know we had 24 kids on the podium as a team.  This is a sport they can carry on the rest of their life - something they'll carry with them forever."

Team member Nathan Parcell says, "We were a big surprise for some of the other counties that looked at our scores and saw that we were down, but we hadn't finished shooting yet, so it was fun to see the looks on their faces."

Just who invented the bow and arrow is lost in the mists of time, but it's a practice that dates back at least 9,000 years.  

Meade County's final score was three-thousand-364 points.

Coming in second, just four points behind, was the team from Breckinridge County!