The Reason for Point of View (11/05/09)

I think it's important from time to time to restate exactly why we do these "Point of View" segments. And now's as good a time as any to do it again.

To all the people who ask "Why should we care what you think?" - I say this:

I believe we should care what everybody thinks about important issues. Well-informed people seek out as many varied opinions as possible. That allows them to judge for themselves which ones make sense and which don't.

Do I think you should agree with everything I say? Of course not. You may decide mine is the opinion that doesn't make any sense. And you may be right. But it's that thought process - the examination of all sides of an issue - that gives us the power to not only develop opinions but justify them to the best of our abilities.

I don't want to dominate the discussion. I just want to start as many as possible.

And at that, I seem to be succeeding. We get more email and more phone response to our editorials now than at any time since we started doing them in 2002.  We've tried to follow through on our promise to give your voice as much prominence as mine. And we certainly make time available for people willing to do guest editorials.

An apathetic society is the biggest enemy of progress. But an open-minded, engaged society is one that gets things done.

I like to think "Point of View" is one of those things that helps get things done.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.