Ohio Casinos – The Last Straw (11/10/09)

Last week, Ohio voters fired another shot across Kentucky’s financial bow by approving a proposal to open full-blown casinos in four cities, including Cincinnati. This is just the latest move by a neighboring state to increase its tax revenues by preying on Kentuckians who must to go across state boundaries to gamble.

Most people agree that when you’re directly attacked and your survival is on the line, the proper response is to fight back. But the Kentucky State Senate – under the leadership of David Williams – has consistently refused to stand up to this economic aggression by approving any casino-type gambling here at home.

Well, enough is enough.

Plenty of Kentuckians like to gamble.  I’m sure they’d prefer to be able to do it right here at home and benefit Kentucky at the same time. But David Williams has made that decision for them and the decision is “No.”  Since Kentuckians have no choice, their dollars continue to build schools, roads and who knows what else in every state but this one.

Now that Ohio is about to join the feeding frenzy, time is running out. Governor Beshear’s call for expanded gambling in Kentucky deserves support from the entire legislature. And anyone who still can’t understand the consequences of continuing on our current path simply isn’t acting in Kentucky’s best interests.

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I’m Bill Lamb, and that’s my…Point of View.